Since childhood I have been fascinated by ancient cultures and their arts and artifacts. I have always had an interest in ancient history and cultures. Luckily people of long ago buried their treasures with the dead and therefore so much of their history has remained alive for us to excavate and learn from. The jewelry made by the ancients was extremely beautiful and filled with myth and beliefs of the times. When I discovered a school that actually taught these techniques I was besides myself with joy. I learned jewelry techniques of these long lost civilations which enabled me to create pieces that look as though they might have been excavated from an ancient tomb.

My pieces are all made by my hand, using ancient techniques of granulation, fusing, soldering, chasing and repousse, forming and raising and Kum Boo. I enrich the 22k gold and leave it unpolished so that is takes on its own rich patina from being worn. The color of the gold is magnificently rich and enticing. I want the wearer to feel a link to the past, to own a piece of jewelry that has soul and beauty, much the same as the ancient people. Much of the jewelry manufactured today is cold and lacking in soul. My audience is that person who loves owning a piece of art. That first Biederman piece usually is the beginning of a "collection". I make things that I think are beautiful and feel wonderful to wear

My curiosity and thrist for knowledge and learning always lead me to explore new techniques and try them out. I am never afraid to make a "Mistake" or try out something I have not done before...It is this thrill of exploration, discovery and beauty that keep me forever fascinated and imaginative in my creations..... Ann Biederman