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The Memories Collection

The memories collection began when I was asked to do a project with a picture in a ring. It snowballed and led me to explore using pictures in my work. The ancients used portraiture in jewelry so this was a perfect match for my work. I am presently adding pieces with stones and icon photos.


On my recent trip to Italy, I was fortunate to have been introduced to a master of contemporary art jewelry, Manfred Bischoff. My friend took me to his class at Alchimia school in Florence. His work was so inspirational and his approach to creating so different than mine that I found myself embarking on creating from a new point of view....I started to create pieces that were more experimental and enchanting for me. I sat down and started to create little sculptures, using animals and vessels from ancient Peruvian and Greek civilizations as inspiration. My years of studying various techniques all came into play as I created each piece. For me, these new pieces are taking me into a new realm which I hope will grow and help me to achieve new horizons as an artist.

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