2 bees  
2b_flwr_sde multi_bees b_flwr
2b_flwr bee_pendant 3b_combo
silver bees
silver necklace 1 silver neck disk with stone
crystl necklace silver wire neck_prl_cscde necklace_square slvr on wire
handcrafted silver chain necklace 22k and lapis
silver stars

The Egyptian necklace was inspired by ancient jewelry found in King Tutankhamen's tomb. Other necklaces were inspired by ancient Etruscan, Roman, Greek and Egyptian gold work, as well as my own imagery incorporating fantasy and fun. Pieces are made with 22k gold and 18k electrum gold which is an alloy of 24k and fine silver. Pieces are crafted using the ancient techniques of repousse and chasing, ancient chain making techniques, including double and quadruple links, Roman planished chains, wire-wrapping and lapidary stone cutting. Stones available for custom pieces are emeralds, sapphires (in all colors), rubies, select turquoise, lapis, moonstones, Peruvian opals, pearls, tourmalines, cabochoaqua-marines.

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