The 22k bees were inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry. In ancient Egypt gold flies were given to the pharaoh's generals when they were victorious in battle as a symbol for "stinging" the enemy.
silver duck   pen_Tahitian_pearl
wand crystal wands gold top wand gold head
coral horn
pen_crked_disk_gld_slvr pen_3_gld_slvr_x
Saphire pendent pen_prl_gldcap Lapis fish pendant
wand wandwpearl
wand 2 pendant triangular
gold bezel disk

My pendants have been inspired by the jewels of the Byzantine Empire and the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilization. I use the ancient techniques of repousse, chasing, bezel stone setting and granulation creating these pendants. Pieces are available in 22k gold, 24k gold and a limitless array of stones, from pink sapphires, hessonite garnets, to Peruvian opals, tourmalines, and rubies

I went to see the Byzantine exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum several times while it was in New York. The layers of gold leafing on these ancient paintings enthralled me and stirred up my imagination. I thought about how to incorporate these multicolored, multilayed colors of yellows and reds and oranges into my jewelry work. I have been experimenting with using various thicknesses of 24k gold foil fused onto silver, electrum and 22k gold and using various patinas to create interesting colored surfaces onto my work. I find that layering thinner foil leads to more interesting and varied colors in my work. After taking Valentin Yotkovs miniature vessel workshop I started to apply the kum boo to my vessels. Ancient symbols and icons have inspired me in creating new pieces using the kum boo technique


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